The Purpose Quest Podcast!

Life coaching strategies to break through your perceived limitations and align with your mission, vision and purpose in life.

There is nothing more important than finding and fulfilling your life purpose. Motivation, inspiration and success strategies for the entrepreneur, leader, coach, counselor, business owner and spiritual adventurer.

Overcome fear, failure and self-doubt by developing unshakeable confidence, inner guidance, a winning mindset and an empowered sense of self.

Coach Brodie, Master Coach and multi-dimensional spiritual adventurer, rose out of the darkest parts of his life facing and overcoming his own fears and limitations to find and activate his own life purpose so he could be here to help you do the same.

With over 10,000 coaching sessions and 14 years' experience, Coach Brodie has coached for, and trained the top coaching organizations on the planet, including Tony Robbins, Knowledge For Men and more. He has worn many hats and held many titles including Master Mindset Coach, Purpose Coach, Relationship Coach, Men’s High Performance Coach, Breakthrough Business Coach, Fitness Coach, Lead Enrolment Coach and Lead Coach Trainer.

The world is waiting for you to discover and commit to who you really are, what you really want, and the work you are really here to do.

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Meet Coach Brodie

Coach Brodie's ability to create transformation is legendary. He will help you step fully into your best self to do your best work and achieve your biggest goals.

With 10,000+ coaching sessions delivered, Brodie has served at the top of the world’s leading coaching teams and he is just getting started!

“Brodie is a spectacular individual and one of the best coaches you’ll ever meet.”

– Marc Von Musser, Former Director of Coaching, Tony Robbins Coaching. Director of Sales, Clients On Demand