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Brodie Whitney, MPC, CPCC

Brodie Whitney is an industry-leading Master Purpose Coach, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and grounded man who can help you get powerfully aligned in your life, your work or business and your relationships.

With 12,000+ coaching sessions and 15+ years experience as a Professional Coach and Trainer, Brodie has helped thousands of people rise above their greatest challenges and align with their vision and purpose in life.

Brodie founded The Purpose Quest in 2020 during the pandemic to provide an online platform for people to get support, stay connected and align with their purpose.

He is a top performance coach and trainer for some of the world’s leading coaching organizations. He is also a husband, father, stepdad, entrepreneur, world adventurer, artist, nature lover, writer and musician.

‚ÄúBrodie is the man for finding your purpose. You can‚Äôt go wrong!‚ÄĚ -¬†Andrew Ferebee, Founder, Knowledge For Men

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‚ÄúBrodie is a spectacular individual and one of the best coaches you‚Äôll ever meet.‚ÄĚ

- Marc Von Musser, Director of Coaching, Tony Robbins Coaching

"The first call I had with Brodie literally set my life on a different crash course with my Destiny. He laid out a simple time management system I could do with pen and paper, and I set a plan into action, that came true with a multi-million dollar distribution deal three months later. Of all the mentors I have had, he's had the highest impact on my life. Brodie operates at a high level of excellence, and every session with him creates a breakthrough. Thank you Brodie!"

- Sterling, CEO Founder

"The process of meeting with Brodie weekly, reflecting on the past week, and prioritizing my upcoming week has been a game changer for my personal growth and development. I've seen my business grow from $30m in sales, which was a record at the time, to over $110m the following year. I couldn't believe it… but Brodie knew it was possible all along."

- Cliff, Investor Owner

"I feel more calm. No anxiety. I used to feel anxiety everyday and now I don't. More focused and appreciative of what I have accomplished vs beating myself up over what I haven't. I see the process and steps whereas before I had a dream yet felt I was standing in quicksand."

- Tamara, Investor Owner

"He's helped me get clear on my goals, wake up each morning feeling invigorated, and see the powerful king within me that I didn't even know existed. To reach the next level of happiness, fulfillment, or purpose in your life, no matter where your starting point is, I highly recommend working with Brodie."

- Alex, World Traveler 

"In 3 1:1 sessions with you I have spoken with a publisher about some story ideas, written drafts of 4 concepts, submitted my first official manuscript to a publisher and am being offered a publishing contract with a planned spring 2024 release into major and local bookstores, both school and city libraries and also via the major online stores including Amazon, B&N, etc. Feeling very grateful to work with you Brodie."

- Dave, Writer


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Tues, Oct 17
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