Meet Coach Brodie

Brodie helps people get back in flow to create their best work, deepen and build trust back into their relationships, grow their business, and ground into their best self to achieve their biggest goals in life. 

He holds a professional certification in coaching with over 10,000 sessions delivered and has served on the world's leading coaching teams including Tony Robbins, Knowledge for Men, and Jason Drees Coaching.  

What sets Brodie apart from other coaches is his warm, caring nature, extensive experience, and keen intuition to help you break through any limitation and expand to the next level personally and professionally.  

Beyond-happily married and blessed to be a dad, Brodie lives in beautiful BC, Canada where he loves to write music, play guitar, get out in nature, get into the gym, hang with friends, read great books, eat good food and get as much sun as possible. 

“Brodie is a spectacular individual and one of the best coaches you’ll ever meet.” 

- Marc Von Musser, Director of Coaching, Tony Robbins Results Coaching 


Work Experience


Founder CoachThe Purpose Quest 

To help people discover their true Self and activate their true mission, vision and purpose in life. Offer live and on-demand quests to empower people in all of the most exciting and important areas of life. 


Founder CEO, Game DesignerFacing Dragons 

Tech Startup wiped out by CovidWe did make a very cool prototype, and build a team of 8, and have an office donated by Simon Fraser University, which was awesome. I learned a lot. Our mission was to be the first mixed-reality, mental health support, mHealth and life coaching game to help players overcome life's challenges, achieve their goals, and unlock their purpose. 


Tony Robbins Performance Business and Life CoachTony Robbins Coaching 

  • Top Rookie Coach 'Rock Star' Award.
    • Serve a full roster of 60+ 1-1 business and life coaching clients recruited by Tony Robbins.
    • Annual Tony Robbins Advanced Skills Coach Training. 
    • Led Multiple Team Training Sessions. 


Master Mindset Performance Coach, Coach Recruiter/Trainer, and Lead Sales RepJason Drees Coaching 

  • Served inbound lead calls and closed over $500k in new coaching contracts.
    • Helped recruit and train a team of 10 Master Coaches.
    • Served business and life coaching clients at a high level in both a 1-to-1 and group coaching. 


High Performance Men’s Coach: Knowledge For Men 
• One-on-one Personal and Professional Coaching. 
• Lead a transformational weekly group coaching call. 
• Advanced virtual training to unlock higher levels of success in your life, relationships and finances. 
• A private community of high performing men to support and hold clients accountable to create an epic life. 


Founder, Lead Mentor: Boys Town Mentorship Program 

I located the funding from Columbia Basin Trust Fund, partnered with Kaslo Community Services and JVH School, and founded this boys mentorship program for 9-12 year old boys. This very successful program has had a profound impact on many young boys in the Kaslo community and still runs to this day. 


Lead Supervisor ∙ Mentor CoachKaslo & Area Youth Centre 

I opened, closed, supervised and provided food and activities for youth age 11-18 at local Youth Centre every Saturday and Sunday night for 3 years. 


Professional Training 


Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC)CTI Coaches Training Institute 


 Annual Advanced Skills Coach Training 2013-2017: Tony Robbins Results Coaching 


Master NLP Strategist, Strategic Brain NLP - Personal and Professional Coaching ∙ Transformational LeadershipSteve Linder Neuro Strategies International, Inc. 


Strategic Interventionist and Life Coach Training: Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention 


Marriage Education and Divorce Prevention: Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention 


Business Mastery, Leadership Academy 3X, Date With Destiny 3X (Participant, Crew & Leadership), Unleash the Power Within 4X: Tony Robbins Live Training Events 


World’s Greatest Speaker Training, 10XWEALTH+BUSINESS, 10XEMPIREExperts AcademyBrendon Burchard Live Training Events 


Indigenous Ally Training and Toolkit: Unkan Wanbdi Wakita (Grandfather) and Kunsi Pahan Pte San Win (Grandmother)


Volunteer Experience


Mentor Coach 4X: Tony Robbins Foundation Global Youth Leadership Summit 


Mentor Coach 2X: Teen Journey 


Mentor Coach: YA! Young Adult Tipi Camp 


Project Leader: My brother and I raised money and gathered equipment for an 8-week summer adventure where we bush-wacked and mapped out over 1000 hectares of yet-undiscovered-old growth forest for protection.


Lead Facilitator for Tribal and Inter-tribal Peace Gathering: Teme-Augama Anishnabai Indigenous Community 


Advisory Committee Member: Rural & Remote BC Health ‘Linked Sectors’ 


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